METAONE is the brand name of the meta-aramid fiber manufactured by HUVIS that can withstand very high temperature with low flame spread. In addition, METAONE is a heat-resistant and flame-retardant fiber with electric insulation.


Heat Resistance
METAONE offers outstanding heat resistance and resistant to melting even after many hours of exposure to high temperature.
It is possible to work continuously at 210C.
Flame retardant
The Limiting Oxygen Index(LOI) of MetaOne is over 28. It is a flame retardant fiber that will not burn, melt and drip, Especially, MetaOne emits less toxic gas.
Electrical Insulation
METAONE offers excellent electrical insulating properties at high temperature.
(UL system recognition : 220C)
Dimensional Stability



Industrial Use
Non-woven : Bag Filter, Laundry Felt, Endless Felt, OA Cleaner
Reinforcement : MRG(Hose, Belt, Diaphragm), Composite Bearing, Speaker Damper
Protective Apparel
Thermal : Fire Fighting, Rescue Uniform, Work Wear
Electrical : Power Plant, Electrical Construction Work



Staple Fiber


1.0/1.5/2.0/5.5 den&rsquo

Cut Length

38/51/64/76 mm

Spun Yarn


20/30/40/60 Ne

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