The premium natural stretch fiber
Zentra is a brand-new stretch fiber that blends easily with existing cotton, wool, rayon and other synthetic fibers. Simple blending demonstrates Zentra’s excellent stretch. With its superior dyeability and soft texture, Zentra enhances the quality of blended fabric products. Zentra also creates a non-woven fabric with exceptional stretch that has never been seen before in existing non-woven fabrics.


- Excellent stretch & recovery
- Excellent dyeability and dyeing fastness
- Soft texture
- Rapid absorbing and quick-drying


Casual wear
Outdoor wear, jeans
Uniform, women`s & men`s formal wear
Sports wear
Non woven
Bra cup, Mattress


  • For Cotton spinning : 1.5 De`, 2.5 De`
  • For Worsted and Woolen spinning : 2.5 De`
  • For Non-woven Fabrics : 2.0 De` 2.5 De

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